Coarse Aggregate

These are aggregates that are mainly retained on 5.0 mm sieve and containing no more finer material (BS 882:1992). 

At Edcorp International we deal in supply of single-sized course aggregates of 3 types; (6/10)mm, (10/14)mm, (14/20)mm meeting both physical and chemical requirement set by national and international specifications US 101:2000 and BS 882:1992,BS EN 12620:2002 respectively.

Single sized coarse aggregates are used for different purposes; Concrete production (normal concrete, shotcrete, self-leveling concrete, precast works (concrete blocks and pavers)).

Advantages of using our single sized coarse aggregates when graded well (using maximum size of aggregates in concrete mix) in concrete production include:

  • Serve as reinforcement adding strength to the overall composite material such as concrete.
  • Reduce on the quantity of cement content that is used to make concrete and thereby saving cost, reduction in the water content hence lowering water to cement ratio leading to increase in concrete compressive strength.
  • Reduction of drying shrinkage since the concrete volume is stable.
  • Reduction of void content due to good proportioning of concrete constituents. 

However, using maximum size of aggregate in any given condition may be restricted by the following requirements:

  • Thickness of the section, such as beam, lintel, column, shear walls, for example too thin sections.
  • Spacing of steel reinforcements in the entire structural element i.e. distance between two rebars.
  • Clear concrete cover in slabs, beams, columns, footings.
  • Mixing, handling and placing techniques of concrete

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